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Monday, March 22, 2010

About BBA's Semi Annual Performances

The Bayer Ballet Academy produces two (2) full-scale ballet performances every year, one (1) in the December and one (1) in the early Summer. The Summer Dance Carousel 2010 will be BBA's 4th full scale performance and it will be held at the Smithwick Theatre (Foothill College) on June 20th, 2010. Once tickets are on sale, you'll find details here, at the studio and in your email box about ticket prices  and how to promote the show to your friends and family. (Tickets on Sale April 9, 2010)

The entire student body (excluding the Pre-Ballet 1 students) will have roles in the show. The program is in two parts and there will be an intermission. The first part has a recital structure with a loose woodland theme for the Pre-Ballet students's parts as well as stories from European folk tales. The part act will also include guest performances by professional dancers.

The second part takes place in a Russian market and will will take you to a bright Russian fair. Vivid characters, colorful costumes, and technical precision of movements set to a brilliant music of Igor Stravinsky will bring to life magical folklore, including Baba Yaga and other unforgettable characters from the Russian tradition.

Last year's program was similar and a great success -- don't miss these pictures taken by a parent of one of our students to give you an idea of what is coming. Or take a peak at the selection of photos available on our (new!) studio Facebook page -- Part I and Part II have separate albums there.

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