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Thursday, April 15, 2010

It takes a village ... to put on a show!

From the first show in December 2008 (A Winter Tale, remember?) the families of the students of Bayer Ballet Academy have chipped in time, money and expertise to bring the marvelous talent of the students to the stage. Costumes, publicity, scheduling, buying tickets, driving to rehearsals, stagecraft, photography, DVD production, financial donations ... parents and friend continue to demonstrate their determination, love for ballet and support for our kids!

With just nine weeks to go we're already working hard -- not just in rehearsals but preparing props, organizing publicity, tickets. Is it too early to start saying thank you? We don't think so!

Meanwhile, at least one family let us know that they are playing the (professional quality!) DVD that the Rubins made possible to "get in the mood." Check with Stacy Levichev, Caryn Coleman or Alex Peterson. Thanks again!

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