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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reduced price for children and seniors

You've been telling us that the price for seniors and children was too high, so we reduced the price to $25 each. With just 26 days until the Summer Dance Carousel 2010 you need to buy your tickets soon to ensure good seats.There are still seats available in the side orchestras and in the rear sections.

Summer Dance Carousel 2010 prices
$33 Adults
$25 Children and seniors, reduced from $28
No code required. Seats are moving, get your tickets now!

Our prices are higher than schools giving recitals and lower than professional companies - it puts us in an unusual spot and makes us a great entertainment value because our production quality is so high (sets, costumes, pro dancers, rehearsals, original story ballet in Part II and, the amazing results of Inna, Stacy and Christina's application of the Vaganova method. But most of all, the application of dedication, work and persistence that the kids apply to their native talent. It is a great entertainment value. We know you remember and can tell the story to people who haven't seen it yet.

People love to feel a part of something exciting and if we can just get them in their seats, the kids will knock their socks off.

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