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Friday, March 2, 2012

BBA at YAGP Regional Semi-Finals in San Francisco, CA Semi-Finals

I want to congratulate all our students who participated in the regional Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP) regional semi-final competition in San Francisco this past weekend, the first competition of any kind for Bayer Ballet Academy.

YAGP is the largest and one of the most prestigious competition in the USA and throughout the world and open to dance students of all nationalities 9-19 years old. Finals will be held in New York City later this Spring.
  • Alina Taratorin, Jenya Orzhekhovska, Sabrina Yap were among the top twelve in their age groups in the classical ballet division.
  • "Candy Kisses" (Annette Darrenougue, Lauren Powers, Alexandra Smelyanskiy, Alina Taratorin, Jamilla Zahir, Mira Wong)  were among the top twelve in the ensemble division. 
  • Alina Taratorin was invited to the finals round in NYC later this Spring. To be selected for NYC Finals, solo participants must receive a total score of 95 or higher in their Classical
    Ballet variation; Receiving a score of 95 or higher in the Contemporary Dance category does not automatically qualify a participant for selection to NYC Finals
  • Jenya Orzhekhovska, Sabrina Yap, Katya Sigal and Mira Wong were invited to the YAGP Intensive which takes places during the finals in New York City.
  • Results on YAGP Facebook page
Congratulations to our ballet instructor Christie Revel who for the first time participated in the competition as a choreographer (rather than as a dancer.) Christie choreographed four contemporary dances that our students executed.

There are classical and contemporary categories with three (3) age divisions. Students may compete as soloists or in an ensemble. Professional dancers are not permitted to compete.
  • Senior Age Division: 15-19 years old
  • Junior Age Division: 12- 14 years old
  • Pre-Competitive Age Division: 9-11 years old
Special thanks to our staff, Christine Wood and Elena Zabelin for their help and support as we prepared for and competed for the first time.

Thank you all!
 Inna Bayer

More photos are available on our Facebook page

Alina Taratorin, Age 9 placed in the top 12 of her age division for classical ballet. 

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